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   + Machine Manual +

Installation Notice Items
1 、Choose the place
Do a Systemic layout according to the producing flow and place, material, depositing products and packing position (Attention: Don't near the wet)

2 、 Level adjustment after machine orientation
It is important to level adjust the machine. And it must use precision gradienter to adjust. Do adjust to avoid status as follows:
① Machine will shake under running and this will affect the product quality
② Machine will be distortion out of level longtime.

3 、 check each transmission unit
During transporting and conveying, some parts loosed or damaged for kinds of factors. So please check all the devices and transmission unit after level adjusting.

4 、 Install power; Confirm voltage and notice items
After machine orientation, install the power depend on practical needed current load. Pay attention to grounding line must be grounding to avoid accident for creepage. After turn on the power, check the motor turning direction is right or not. If any mistake please refer to the motor manual.

5 、 Install device
In order to add the security of machine, electric people should install a safety switch on the power headstream wall according as needful electrical voltage listing on the machine specification.

6 、 Check the electric control cabinet
Check the electric control cabinet and each electric device cabinet and PC panel in each electric device cabinet, if any screw loosed, please lock it without delay.

7 、 Emergency stop switch
Check emergency stop switch is normal or not. It must keep normal to turn off the power urgently. (Clients always mistake the machine trouble when emergency stop button is off).
Safe notice before operating machine
Please read all the safety notice before working.
During running, do not let the fingers near the running part or do any adjustment.
Cut off the power before adjusting machine.
Before working, check the running whether it is good or not, and whether it have any looseness.
Forbid children to near the machine. Attendee must keep the safe distance.
Please wear work clothes and protecting cover.
Keep well safety installations in the yard.
Cut off the power after working. And be sure that the machine is complete stop before leave
1 、 Before running the machine, please clean the tools and danger on the machine.

2 、 Synchronized transmission gear in pulling material roller will make torsion power when gears chaw each other. It will cause the noise after increase the gear gap. Badly the gear gap will be ruptured. To maintenance the gear life and good running, please pay attention to adjustment.

3 、 After Stopping, It is necessary to divide rubber press roller of the pulling material holder from transmitting roller, in order to avoid distortion for long extrusion.

4 、 Do not dip the oil on the rubber rollers. Otherwise please clean it to avoid chemical change and distortion on the machine.

5 、 Please attend the oil of DC motor and reducer. 6 、 Lubricate the transmitting Part and frame of material roll in order to keep running smooth.

7 、 Check all kinds of idle rolls (one time per month) if any looseness please lock it without delay .

8 、 Transmission Part of machine, such as gear, slip holder, turbine gear and leader, must add the butter per week to keep lubrication.

9 、 After working, please clean the machine and maintain each part of machine.

10 、 Check the machine per week whether the belt is loosen.

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