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   + Resolve Normal Problems +

Bad Appearance ?
Possible Problem: The tension adjustment is not good.
** Resolve Method:  1. Record by the operating experience, to convenient for next use.
          2. Install automatic tension controller.

Possible Problem: Material lamination is not good.
** Resolve Method:  1. Reduce the speed.
          2. Use the aluminum press roller.

Possible Problem: Material problem.
** Resolve Method:  If PE, each rolls need aluminum press roller.
Waste Can't be Removed ?
Possible Problem: Bad adjustment of stimy plate of waste pipe.
** Resolve Method:  Press down “scratching flow plate”, and add “refluence effect”.

Possible Problem: Wind quantity of blower
** Resolve Method:  wind quantity should be direct proportional to the quantity of waste.

Possible Problem: Too big waste
** Resolve Method:  Waste rewinding roller.

Possible Problem: Waste remove process is not good.
** Resolve Method:  Use the guide piece on the pipe to adjust the pipe angle.
Bad Cutting ?
Possible Problem: Material problem.
** Resolve Method:  Change the circular blade or razor blade such as material that is
           more brittleness, thicker, softer.

Possible Problem: The edge of knife is abrasion.
** Resolve Method:  Change a new one.

Possible Problem: weather affected.
** Resolve Method:  If CPP, pre-heating to reduce the material brittleness and then slit.
The Length of product is inaccurate ?
Possible Problem: Material problem (skid with rubber roller).
** Resolve Method:  The material is too smooth, so the length counter must press on
          the material.

Possible Problem: The checking Unit is out work.
** Resolve Method:  Use the hand to see whether there has any sign into the length
          counter or not.

Possible Problem: the length counter problem.
** Resolve Method:  If there is no reaction on the when the checking unit has inputted,
          change a new one.

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